La Cattedrale di Santa Maria Annunziata


Todi's 12th-century Duomo sits at the head of Piazza del Popolo on the site of an earlier Roman temple. Its solemn square facade sports a magnificent central rose window, actually added in the 16th century, and an intricately decorated main portal. Inside, look out for The Last Judgment, a fresco by Ferraù Fenzoni (aka Il Faenzone) inspired by Michelangelo's more celebrated Sistine Chapel version.

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Nearby Todi attractions

1. Piazza del Popolo

0.05 MILES

Just try to walk through Piazza del Popolo without trying to photograph it from every angle. The rectangular piazza is one of Umbria's finest medieval…

2. Museo Pinacoteca Comunale

0.06 MILES

Housed in the striking 13th-century Palazzo del Capitano, this museum features an elegant triple window. It holds a fine, if hardly overwhelming,…

3. Campanile di San Fortunato

0.18 MILES

Climb the 14th-century bell tower of the Chiesa di San Fortunato for exhilarating views across the hills and castles surrounding Todi.

4. Chiesa di San Fortunato

0.19 MILES

With its never-finished facade and vaulted, light-filled Gothic interior, the 15th-century Chiesa di San Fortunato boasts fragments of frescoes by…

6. Museo Regionale della Ceramica

13.81 MILES

Attractively housed in a former Franciscan convent, Deruta's principal museum charts the evolution of ceramic production in the town from the 14th to the…

7. Museo Archeologico Nazionale

15.52 MILES

Housed in the medieval Palazzo Papale behind the Duomo, Orvieto's archaeological museum holds plenty of interesting artefacts, some over 2500 years old…

8. Museo dell'Opera del Duomo di Orvieto

15.53 MILES

Housed in a complex of papal palaces, the Palazzi Papali, this museum showcases a fine collection of religious relics from the Duomo and paintings by…