Pozzo Etrusco


Just north of Piazza IV Novembre, you can venture down an Etruscan well. Dating from the 3rd century BC, the 37m-deep cylindrical shaft was the main water source for the Etruscan city, and, more recently, provided water during WWII bombing raids.

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Nearby Perugia attractions

1. Casa Museo di Palazzo Sorbello

0.03 MILES

This exquisite 17th-century mansion, once owned by the aristocratic Sorbello family, has been restored to its frescoed, gilt-clad, chandelier-lit, 18th…

2. Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

0.05 MILES

Lording it over Piazza IV Novembre is Perugia's stark medieval cathedral. A church has stood here since the 900s, but the version you see today was begun…

3. Fontana Maggiore

0.07 MILES

The centrepiece of Piazza IV Novembre, the delicate pink-and-white marble Fontana Maggiore was designed by Fra Bevignate and built by father-and-son team…

4. Piazza IV Novembre

0.07 MILES

In Perugia all roads seem to lead to Piazza IV Novembre. This historic square, flanked by Palazzo dei Priori and the Cattedrale, has been at the heart of…

5. Sala dei Notari

0.08 MILES

The Sala dei Notari was built from 1293 to 1297 and is where the nobility met. The arches supporting the vaults are Romanesque, covered with vibrant…

6. Nobile Collegio della Mercanzia

0.09 MILES

The Nobile Collegio della Mercanzia, HQ of Perugia's medieval merchants guild, features a 14th-century audience chamber with exquisite wood panelling.

7. Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria

0.09 MILES

Umbria's foremost art gallery is housed in Palazzo dei Priori on Perugia's main strip. Its collection, chronologically displayed over 40 rooms, is one of…

8. Palazzo dei Priori


Flanking Corso Vannucci, this Gothic palace, constructed between the 13th and 14th centuries, is architecturally striking with its tripartite windows,…