Must-see attractions in Montepulciano

  • I
    Il Corso

    Montepulciano's main street – called in stages Via di Gracciano, Via di Voltaia, Via dell'Opio and Via Poliziano – climbs up the eastern ridge of the town…

  • P
    Palazzo Ricci

    Built for Cardinal Giovanni Maria Ricci in the 16th century, this handsome palazzo has a rear loggia with a stunning view of the countryside. Home to many…

  • M
    Museo Civico & Pinacoteca Crociani

    It was a curatorial dream come true: in 2011 a painting in the collection of this modest art gallery was attributed to Caravaggio. The work, Portrait of a…

  • P
    Piazza Grande

    Elegant Piazza Grande is the town's highest point and main meeting place. If you think it looks familiar, it might be because it featured in New Moon, the…

  • D

    Montepulciano's 16th-century duomo is striking, largely because its unfinished facade gives the building a stern, heavily weathered look. Inside, don't…

  • C
    Chiesa di San Biagio

    Designed by Antonio da Sangallo (Sangallo il Vecchio) and constructed in the late-16th century, this splendid Renaissance church in the valley below the…

  • V
    Via Ricci

    From the central Piazza Grande, Via Ricci runs downhill past Palazzo Ricci, now home to the European Academy for Music and Performing Arts. The street…

  • P
    Palazzo Comunale

    Built in the 14th century in Gothic style and remodelled in the 15th century by Michelozzo, the Palazzo Comunale still functions as Montepulciano's town…

  • C
    Colonna del Marzocca

    At the upper end of Piazza Savonarola is the Colonna del Marzocca, erected in 1511 to confirm Montepulciano's allegiance to Florence. The stone lion atop…

  • P
    Palazzo di Bucelli

    Several mansions line Via di Gracciano nel Corso, including this palace, which has recycled Etruscan and Latin inscriptions and reliefs incorporated into…

  • C
    Chiesa di Sant'Agostino

    Michelozzo's Chiesa di Sant'Agostino features a lunette above the entrance holding a terracotta Madonna and Child, John the Baptist and St Augustine.

  • T
    Torre di Pulcinella

    This medieval tower house is topped by the town clock and the hunched figure of Pulcinella (Punch, of Punch and Judy fame), which strikes the hours.

  • C
    Chiesa di San Francesco

    Montepulciano's Chiesa di San Francesco dates from the 13th century, but was largely reconstructed in the 17th century.

  • P
    Palazzo Cocconi

    Antonio da Sangallo (Sangallo il Vecchio) designed his handsome palazzo. It isn't open to the public.

  • P
    Palazzo Avignonesi

    This late-Renaissance palazzo was designed by Giacomo da Vignola. It isn't open to the public.