Via Ricci


From the central Piazza Grande, Via Ricci runs downhill past Palazzo Ricci, now home to the European Academy for Music and Performing Arts. The street terminates in Piazza San Francesco, where you can admire more panoramic views of the Val di Chiana.

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Nearby Montepulciano attractions

1. Museo Civico & Pinacoteca Crociani

0.01 MILES

It was a curatorial dream come true: in 2011 a painting in the collection of this modest art gallery was attributed to Caravaggio. The work, Portrait of a…

2. Palazzo Ricci

0.02 MILES

Built for Cardinal Giovanni Maria Ricci in the 16th century, this handsome palazzo has a rear loggia with a stunning view of the countryside. Home to many…

3. Palazzo Comunale

0.03 MILES

Built in the 14th century in Gothic style and remodelled in the 15th century by Michelozzo, the Palazzo Comunale still functions as Montepulciano's town…

4. Piazza Grande

0.04 MILES

Elegant Piazza Grande is the town's highest point and main meeting place. If you think it looks familiar, it might be because it featured in New Moon, the…

5. Duomo

0.06 MILES

Montepulciano's 16th-century duomo is striking, largely because its unfinished facade gives the building a stern, heavily weathered look. Inside, don't…

6. Il Corso

0.07 MILES

Montepulciano's main street – called in stages Via di Gracciano, Via di Voltaia, Via dell'Opio and Via Poliziano – climbs up the eastern ridge of the town…

7. Chiesa di San Francesco

0.09 MILES

Montepulciano's Chiesa di San Francesco dates from the 13th century, but was largely reconstructed in the 17th century.

8. Torre di Pulcinella

0.22 MILES

This medieval tower house is topped by the town clock and the hunched figure of Pulcinella (Punch, of Punch and Judy fame), which strikes the hours.