Trentino & South Tyrol

Perched high above the village of Burgeis (Burgusio) at 1340m, the beautiful Benedictine monastery of Marienberg has a museum dedicated to its eight centuries of monastic life – though the view and architecture are worth the drive up alone.

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1. Glorenza

3.07 MILES

A walled medieval town, Glorenza (Glurns) was once a kingpin in the region’s salt trade. Its pristine burgher houses, colonnaded shops, town gates,…

2. Kloster St Johann

6.26 MILES

Vibrant Carolingian (9th century) and Romanesque (12th century) frescos smother the interior of the church of Benedictine Kloster St Johann. Beneath…

3. Museum


The museum next door to Kloster St Johann takes you through part of the monastery complex, with Carolingian art and other relics.

4. Reschensee

6.55 MILES

Just south of Reschenpass (Passo di Resia) and the Austrian border is the deep blue Reschensee, a result of 1950s dam projects. The drowned Romanesque…

5. Swiss National Park

11.22 MILES

When an environmentally on-the-ball land like Switzerland has just one national park, you can bet it’s a good one. Huddled away in the far southeast of…

6. Messner Mountain Museum

12.44 MILES

Located – quite literally – inside a hill, the unique Messner Mountain Museum Ortles articulates the theme of ‘ice’ with artistically presented exhibits…

7. Schloss Tarasp

13.29 MILES

Perched on a clifftop, this 1000-year-old turreted castle stands high over the valley and is definite fairy-tale material. In 2016, the castle was…

8. Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio

13.76 MILES

This is northern Italy's, and the Alps', largest national park, spilling into the next-door region of Lombardy and bordering Switzerland's Parco Nazionale…