Area Faunistica Pejo

Trentino & South Tyrol

For an up-close look at the red and roe deer indigenous to Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio, visit this small hillside wildlife centre, dedicated to caring for and rehabilitating injured animals.

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1. Segheria Veneziana dei Bègoi

6.78 MILES

This working 18th-century 'Venetian sawmill', powered by the rushing waters of the Torrente Rabbiés and built according to a design reputedly conceived by…

2. Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio

11.87 MILES

This is northern Italy's, and the Alps', largest national park, spilling into the next-door region of Lombardy and bordering Switzerland's Parco Nazionale…

3. Messner Mountain Museum

12.65 MILES

Located – quite literally – inside a hill, the unique Messner Mountain Museum Ortles articulates the theme of ‘ice’ with artistically presented exhibits…

4. Val di Genova

13.41 MILES

Northwest of Pinzolo is the entrance to the Val di Genova, renowned as one of the Alps' most beautiful valleys. It's great walking country, lined with a…

5. Chiesa di San Vigilio

14.12 MILES

Pinzolo's Chiesa di San Vigilio merits a visit for its beautiful mountain-backed setting, yes, but even more for Simone Baschenis' danza macabra (Dance of…

6. Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta

14.86 MILES

This wild and beautiful park encompasses more than 80 lakes and the vast Adamello glacier, which was once home to the Alps' only brown bears. Although…

7. MondoMelinda

19.64 MILES

On Val di Non’s southern limits, the vast MondoMelinda fruit-processing facility invites you to dive into the Val di Non's apple-happy culture. In the…

8. Casa Museo del Parco Orso

20.72 MILES

Part of the larger Parco Faunistico, and with cute displays for kids, this is the place to see the 20-odd population of brown bears of the Parco Naturale…