Castel Thun

Trentino & South Tyrol

This stunning Gothic castle, some of it dating to the 1250s, occupies a panoramic position and typifies the region's architectural style.

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1. MondoMelinda

1.98 MILES

On Val di Non’s southern limits, the vast MondoMelinda fruit-processing facility invites you to dive into the Val di Non's apple-happy culture. In the…

2. Casa Museo del Parco Orso

4.35 MILES

Part of the larger Parco Faunistico, and with cute displays for kids, this is the place to see the 20-odd population of brown bears of the Parco Naturale…

3. Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta

7.01 MILES

This wild and beautiful park encompasses more than 80 lakes and the vast Adamello glacier, which was once home to the Alps' only brown bears. Although…

4. Kalterer See

11.06 MILES

The Weinstrasse's little Lake Kaltern may look rather small compared to Northern Italy's splendid collection of lakes, but up close it's a stunningly…

5. Castello del Buonconsiglio

14.07 MILES

Guarded by hulking fortifications, this massive edifice was home to Trento's bishop-princes until Napoleon's arrival in 1801. Enclosed within is the…

7. Galleria Civica di Trento

14.24 MILES

This city gallery/project space is the Trento campus of the Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto and focuses on 20th-century and…

8. Case Cazuffi-Rella

14.29 MILES

Frescoes decorate the facades of two private Renaissance houses, known as the Case Cazuffi-Rella, on Piazza Duomo's northern side.