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Named after Sulci, the ancient city the Phoenicians established on the Isola di Sant’Antioco, the Sulcis area encompasses Sardinia’s southwestern corner and its two offshore islands. Attention here is largely focused on its beaches and coastal splendours but venture inland and you'll discover a mountainous interior speckled with historical interest.

The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times and traces of its complex past are to be found everywhere – a nuraghic necropolis at Montessu, Phoenician tombs in Sant’Antioco, Roman ruins at Nora. Harking to more recent times, remnants of its once thriving mining industry offer a sobering insight into what life was once like in these parts.

But however much you travel the area, the call of the sea is always there. Even outside summer, the Costa del Sud is a glorious sight, and the Isola di San Pietro charms with its laid-back port and wild scenery.

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