Palazzo della Frumentaria


One of the three seats of the Museo della Città, this 16th-century grain storehouse is used to stage temporary art exhibitions.

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1. Fontana di Rosello

0.08 MILES

Sassari's most famous fountain sits in a sunken area by Piazza Mercato, a busy traffic junction just outside the city walls. A monumental marble box…

2. Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

0.12 MILES

The main drag through the centro storico, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II follows the path of the ancient Roman road from Porto Torres to Cagliari. Little…

3. Piazza Tola

0.14 MILES

Just north of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza Tola was medieval Sassari's main square where condemned heretics were burned at the stake. Overlooking…

4. Palazzo di Città

0.14 MILES

The principal seat of the Museo della Città, with exhibits illustrating the city's development, festivals and traditions

5. Museo della Città

0.14 MILES

This museum dedicated to Sassari's history is spread over three sites. Its main seat is Palazzo di Città, where exhibits illustrate the city's urban…

6. Casa di Re Enzo

0.15 MILES

With its arched portico and delicately crafted mullioned windows, this 15th-century building, now home to a clothes shop, is a rare example of Catalan…

7. Casa Farris

0.16 MILES

Casa Farris is a 15th-century townhouse now occupied by a women's clothing shop.

8. Palazzo d'Usini

0.16 MILES

Overlooking the charming Piazza Tola is the 16th-century Palazzo d'Usini, one of the first Renaissance buildings to be constructed in Sardinia and now…