Circo Massimo

Ancient Rome

Now a huge basin of dusty grass, Circo Massimo was ancient Rome’s largest chariot racetrack, a 250,000-seater capable of holding up to a quarter of the city’s population. The 600m track circled a wooden dividing island with ornate lap indicators and Egyptian obelisks.

At its southern end, a small segment of the original stadium remains along with a 12th-century tower known as the Torre della Moletta.

Here you can explore the corridors that led to the tiered seating, as well as shops, taverns, even latrines. Overlooking everything is the medieval Torre della Moletta.

Chariot races were held at the Circo as far back as the 4th century BC, but it wasn’t until Trajan rebuilt it after the AD 64 fire that it reached its maximum grandeur.

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