Marina della Lobra

Massa Lubrense

From central Largo Vescovado it’s a 1.5km descent to this pretty little marina backed by ramshackle houses and verdant slopes. The marina is a good place to rent a boat, the best way of reaching the otherwise difficult-to-get-to bays and inlets along the coast.

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Nearby Massa Lubrense attractions

1. Chiesa di Santa Maria della Grazia

0.52 MILES

The town's former cathedral, 16th-century Chiesa di Santa Maria della Grazia, is worth a quick look for its bright majolica-tiled floor, which would look…

2. Convento del Deserto


This hulking convent is located 1.5km uphill from the village centre. It was founded in the 17th century by Carmelite friars, but since 1983 it has been…

3. Chiesa di Sant’Agata

2.03 MILES

Located in the centre of the village, enjoy the cool decorative interior of this 17th-century parish church, famed for its polychrome marble altar, an…

4. Marina Grande

2.11 MILES

Noticeably detached from the main city and bereft of the hydrofoils and ferries that crowd Marina Piccola, this secluded former fishing village has a…

5. Ancient Greek Gate

2.17 MILES

On its route down to Marina Grande, Via Sopra le Mura passes through a large stone archway. This was one of Sorrento's original Greek city gates, built in…

6. Villa Fiorentino

2.22 MILES

Completed in the mid-1930s and recently restored, the gracious, neoclassical Villa Fiorentino is a venue for high-quality temporary art exhibitions and…

7. Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea

2.23 MILES

Since the 18th century, Sorrento has been famous for its intarsio (marquetry) furniture, made with elaborately designed inlaid wood. Some wonderful…

8. Casa di Cornelia Tasso

2.24 MILES

Between the late 16th and early 17th century, this palazzo (mansion) was home to Cornelia Tasso, sibling of the lauded Italian poet Torquato Tasso…