Yardenit Baptismal Site

Sea of Galilee

This hugely popular, eucalyptus-shaded baptism site, run by Kibbutz Kinneret, is on the Jordan River 100m south of where it flows out of the Sea of Galilee. Christian pilgrims flock here, praying and singing, to be baptised in white robes (bring your own or rent/purchase for US$10/25, including towel and certificate). Changing rooms are provided (2NIS).

All around the site, panels made of Armenian tiles, sponsored by Christians from around the world, quote Mark 1:9–11 in 102 languages (and counting). Those furry rodents paddling around the fish-filled Jordan are nutrias (coypus), natives of South America. The site has a restaurant (open daily) and a large religious-souvenir shop.

Yardenit is 10km south of Tiberias and 200m west of Rte 90. It's 1km northwest of Kibbutz Degania Alef (http://degania.org.il), the world’s first kibbutz, founded in 1910.

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