Tomb of Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNess

Religious Site in Tiberias

A complex of religious buildings has grown around the reputed burial place of Rabbi Meir Ba'al HaNess, a 2nd-century sage often cited in the Mishnah (ba'al ha-ness means 'master of miracles'). The tomb itself, with separate, curtained entrances for men and women, is inside a domed Sephardi synagogue, situated just down the slope from its Ashkenazi counterpart, topped with a taller dome. The complex is 2.5km south of the city centre, 150m up an asphalt road from Hamat Tveriya National Park.

Behind the Sephardi section, market stalls sell holy amulets, including specially blessed olive oil and arak (50NIS). Nearby, personal blessings are available in exchange for a charitable donation.

Rabbi Meir's hilula (a celebration held by Hasidim on the anniversary of a sage's death) is just three days before that of Shimon Bar Yochai, who's buried at Mt Meron, so some pious Jews travel to the Galilee to take in both hugely popular events.