Hamat Tveriya National Park

Back in Roman times, the fame of Tiberias’ hot springs was such that in 110 CE the Emperor Trajan struck a coin dedicated to them – it depicted Hygeia (from which the word 'hygiene' is derived), the goddess of health, sitting on a rock and enjoying the waters. Today, the star attractions here are 17 small hot springs, a pool you can dip your toes into and a 4th-century synagogue (now air-conditioned) that's decorated with a beautiful Zodiac wheel mosaic.

Situated 2.5km south of the centre; served by local bus 5.

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1. Tomb of Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNess

0.04 MILES

A complex of religious buildings has grown around the reputed burial place of Rabbi Meir Ba'al HaNess, a 2nd-century sage often cited in the Mishnah (ba…

2. Church & Monastery of the Apostles


From the serene, flowery courtyard, steps lead down to a Greek Orthodox church, its air of mystery enhanced by gilded icons, brass lamps and elaborately…

3. Water Level Surveyor

1.33 MILES

This 5m-high sculpture, shaped like an outline of the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee, indicates the current water level of the lake in metres-below-sea…

4. Galilee Experience

1.41 MILES

On the upper floor of a 1970s eyesore, the Galilee Experience screens a Christian-oriented film (21 minutes in English and Chinese, 36 minutes in 10 other…

5. Al Bahr Mosque

1.41 MILES

Built of basalt in the 18th century, the Sea Mosque once had a special entrance for the faithful who arrived by boat.

6. St Peter’s Church

1.55 MILES

This rare Crusader church – administered by Koinonia Giovanni Battista, a Catholic community based in Italy – has a peaceful, grapevine-shaded courtyard…

7. Al Amari Mosque

1.55 MILES

With its black basalt walls, white dome and striped minaret, this mosque looks a bit lost in the courtyard of a modern commercial centre. Built by Daher…

8. Tiberias Open Air Museum

1.58 MILES

A sloping pedestrian park featuring sculptures by contemporary Israeli artists; most are made of mosaic tiles or carved from stone. Situated along a…