Bet Gabriel

Sea of Galilee

Opened in 1993, this lakeside cultural centre – one of Israel’s most beautiful buildings – is known for its art exhibitions, first-run cinema (two screens, with two more set to open in 2019), pop and classical concerts, bagel cafe (closed Friday evening and Saturday) and inspiring sea views. In November 1994 it served as the venue for a ceremony reconfirming the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan. Situated at the southern tip of the Sea of Galilee, 300m east of Tzemah Junction.

King Hussein’s red-and-white keffiyeh (chequered scarf worn by Arabs) and a sword given to Shimon Peres by Yasser Arafat can be seen in the Peace Room (call ahead to arrange a free tour). Mirrors ensure that everyone, no matter where around the six-sided, eight-seat table they sit, can see the Sea of Galilee.

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