Safari Ramat Gan

Tel Aviv

Offering a fascinating glimpse of fantastic beasts, this is close as you'll get to the Serengeti plains in Israel. It's both a drive-through safari and a large zoo – the safari section includes rhinos, hippos, zebras and flamingos; the zoo has elephants, giraffes, monkeys, kangaroos and more, plus a petting farm, workshops for children, cafes and picnic areas. On the drive out you can pass the lion enclosure. It runs morning feed tours and two-hour night tours throughout the year.

By far the best way to get to the safari is by car, but it can be reached by buses 67 or 55 from Tel Aviv. Bus 67 stops on Raziel/Aluf David Sts, just eight minutes' walk from the entrance. At the entrance to the safari, you'll need to take the park's minibus to get to the zoo section.

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