Baha’i Gardens

Gardens in Akko

While they don’t match the scale of Haifa's strikingly steep Baha’i Gardens, these formal gardens are utterly picturesque, with meticulously tended flower beds, fountains and lawns trimmed with microscope accuracy. The gardens surround the Shrine of Baha’ullah, where the founder of the Baha’i faith was interred.

Akko’s main Baha’i sites are 4.5km northeast of the old city, where Rte 4 meets Rte 8510. Buses that pass by this way include Nateev Express bus 271 (every 10 to 15 minutes Sunday to Friday afternoon, every 45 to 60 minutes Saturday evening), which serves Nahariya (one hour), Akko (25 minutes) and Haifa-Merkazit HaMifratz (50 minutes).