Streedagh Strand

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Curving, dune-backed, 3km-long Streedagh Strand occasionally sees parts of the Spanish Armada washing up on its shores from three wrecks offshore: La Juliana, La Lavia and La Santa Maria de Visón; over 1000 soldiers and sailors drowned or were killed when the ships were caught in a storm. It's a site of immense archaeological significance, but there are also many examples of fossilised coral, fascinating geological formations, a wedge tomb and views to the island of Inishmurray.

Some people say the wrecks are visible at low tide, but these are actually the ribs of a 'butter boat'.

The best way to appreciate the local wonders is to tag along with Auriel Robinson on one of her Sea Trails walks. She will fill you in on all the local geology; marine and land-based archaeology; and folklore, legends and stories associated with Streedagh Strand.