Coastal cliffs near the Slieve League in County Donegal.

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Sliabh Liag

Top choice in Southwestern Donegal

The Cliffs of Moher get more publicity, but the cliffs of Sliabh Liag are higher. In fact, these spectacular sea cliffs are among the highest in Europe, plunging some 600m to the ceaselessly churning sea.

From Teelin, a road through the stark landscape leads to the lower car park (with hiking signs) beside a gate in the road; drive another 1.5km to the upper car park (often full in summer) right beside the viewpoint (close the gate though).

From the upper car park, a rough footpath leads up and along the top of the near-vertical cliffs to the aptly named One Man's Pass, a narrow ridge that reaches the summit of Sliabh Liag (595m, 10km round-trip). Be aware that mist and rain can roll in unexpectedly and rapidly, making conditions slippery and treacherous. Be especially careful near the edge of the cliffs. Walking just the first 500m will give you spectacular views.

It's also possible to hike to the summit of Sliabh Liag from Carrick via the Pilgrim Path (signposted along the minor road on the right before the Sliabh Liag cliffs road), returning via One Man's Pass and the viewpoint road (12km, allow four to six hours).

The cliffs are particularly scenic at sunset when the waves crash dramatically far below and the ocean reflects the last rays of the day. Looking down, you'll see two rocks nicknamed the 'giant's desk and chair' for reasons that are immediately obvious.

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