Bank of Ireland Cultural & Heritage Centre


Housed within the College Green complex of the Bank of Ireland near College Green and Westmoreland Street is this 2018-opened cultural centre. The centre is hosting Seamus Heaney: Listen Now Again, an exhibition dedicated to the poet and featuring manuscripts, letters, unpublished works, diaries, photographs and personal items, including the desk at which he wrote in the family home in Sandymount, a lamp that belonged to WB Yeats and a portrait by artist Louis le Brocquy. The exhibition is organised in tandem with the National Library.

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1. Oliver Goldsmith Statue

0.02 MILES

Imposing statue of Anglo-Irish novelist and playwright Oliver Goldsmith (1728–74), who wrote The Vicar of Wakefield.

2. Bank of Ireland

0.03 MILES

A sweeping Palladian pile occupying one side of College Green, this magnificent building was the Irish Parliament House until 1801 and was the first…

3. Front Gate

0.03 MILES

The main entrance to Trinity College was built in the 1870s to replace the 1759 original and was completely refurbished in 2014.

4. Edmund Burke Statue

0.03 MILES

This bronze statue of Anglo-Irish statesman and orator Edmund Burke (1729–97) was the work of sculptor John Henry Foley and erected in 1868. Burke…

5. Irish Whiskey Museum

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If you’d like to learn a little more about one of Ireland’s most famous tipples, spend an hour here. You’ll find out why the Irish call it uisce beatha …

6. Chapel

0.07 MILES

Clockwise round Front Sq from the Front Gate, the first building is the chapel, built in 1798 to plans made in 1787 by the architect Sir William Chambers …

7. Examination Hall

0.08 MILES

Trinity College's main exam hall was designed by William Chambers in 1785.

8. Dining Hall

0.08 MILES

The dining hall was originally designed in 1743 by Richard Cassels (aka Castle), but dismantled 15 years later because of problems caused by inadequate…