Must see attractions in Aran Islands

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    Dún Aonghasa

    Dún Aonghasa is one of the largest prehistoric stone forts in Europe and stands guard over Inis Mór on the edge of a 100-metre sheer cliff drop.

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    Dún Dúchathair

    Many locals pick this ruined ancient fort, dating from the Iron Age or early medieval period, as their favourite Inishmore historic sight. It's…

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    Well of Enda

    Some locals still carry out a pilgrimage known as the Turas to the Well of Enda (also known as Éinne or Endeus), a bubbling spring in a remote rocky…

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    Synge's Chair

    At the desolate western end of the island, Synge's Chair is a viewpoint at the edge of a sheer limestone cliff with the surf from Gregory's Sound booming…

  • W

    Access to this extraordinary rectangular natural tidal pool is via a 750m clifftop walk southeast from Dun Aengus, or via a 1km signposted walking path…

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    Teampall Chiaráin

    The highlight of this small church is on the eastern side – a beautifully carved boundary cross with a circular hole at the top. It was possibly used as a…

  • P

    A steam trawler launched in 1940, the Plassy was thrown on to the rocks on 8 March 1960 and driven on to the island a couple of weeks later after another…

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    O'Brien's Castle

    Built in the 14th century on the island's highest point, this tower house was constructed within the remains of a ring fort called Dún Formna, dating from…

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    Na Seacht dTeampaill

    The scattered early Christian ruins known as the Na Seacht dTeampaill (Seven Churches) actually comprise just two ruined churches. The biggest is the 13m…

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    Teampall Bheanáin

    Tiny Teampall Bheanáin dates from the 11th century. Measuring just 3m by 3m, it's thought to have been a hermitage. Unusually for a religious structure,…

  • A
    Aran Goat Cheese

    You've encountered the produce on countless west Ireland menus; now meet the goats that make it all possible. Call ahead to join a tour of this tiny dairy…

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    St Enda's Monastery

    The sunken remains of the church here are said to have been the site of St Enda's Monastery in the 6th century, though what's visible dates from the 9th…

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    Dún Chonchúir

    Glorious views of Inishmaan's limestone valleys and maze of stone walls extend from this ruined elliptical stone fort, which sits on the island's highest…

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    Teach Synge

    Now a small museum, this 300-year-old thatched cottage, on the road just before you head up to Dún Chonchúir, is where the writer JM Synge (1871–1909)…

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    Port Chorrúch

    Along the island's low-lying northern coast, the sheltered little bay of Port Chorrúch is home to up to 80 grey seals, who sun themselves and feed in the…

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    Dún Eochla

    Atop the island's highest point, at 100m, historic fort Dún Eochla has a double ring of circular walls, and is thought to date from the early medieval era…

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    Dún Fearbhaigh

    The well-preserved ruins of this stone fort are 200m west of the Cill Cheannannach church ruins; the fort similarly dates from around the 8th century.

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    Áras Éanna

    Inisheer's large community arts centre sits out on an exposed stretch of the northern side of the island and hosts visiting artist events, cultural…

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    Kilmurvey Beach

    Crescent-shaped Kilmurvey Beach has a Blue Flag for its clean white sand and pristine waters. Lifeguards patrol it in July and August, and often in June.