Dún Dúchathair

Top choice in Aran Islands

Many locals pick this ruined ancient fort, dating from the Iron Age or early medieval period, as their favourite Inishmore historic sight. It's dramatically perched on a clifftop promontory 2km southwest of Kilronan with terraced walls up to 6m high surrounding the remains of a clochán (early Christian beehive-shaped hut). Its name, meaning the Black Fort, comes from the dark limestone prevalent on this part of the island.

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1. Teampall Bheanáin

0.96 MILES

Tiny Teampall Bheanáin dates from the 11th century. Measuring just 3m by 3m, it's thought to have been a hermitage. Unusually for a religious structure,…

2. St Enda's Monastery

1.47 MILES

The sunken remains of the church here are said to have been the site of St Enda's Monastery in the 6th century, though what's visible dates from the 9th…

3. Dún Eochla

1.65 MILES

Atop the island's highest point, at 100m, historic fort Dún Eochla has a double ring of circular walls, and is thought to date from the early medieval era…

4. Teampall Chiaráin


The highlight of this small church is on the eastern side – a beautifully carved boundary cross with a circular hole at the top. It was possibly used as a…

5. Aran Goat Cheese

2.18 MILES

You've encountered the produce on countless west Ireland menus; now meet the goats that make it all possible. Call ahead to join a tour of this tiny dairy…

6. Port Chorrúch

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Along the island's low-lying northern coast, the sheltered little bay of Port Chorrúch is home to up to 80 grey seals, who sun themselves and feed in the…

7. Wormhole

3.03 MILES

Access to this extraordinary rectangular natural tidal pool is via a 750m clifftop walk southeast from Dun Aengus, or via a 1km signposted walking path…

8. Kilmurvey Beach

3.14 MILES

Crescent-shaped Kilmurvey Beach has a Blue Flag for its clean white sand and pristine waters. Lifeguards patrol it in July and August, and often in June.