Grand Palace of Pagaruyuang

West Sumatra

In the village of Silinduang Bulan, 5km north of Batu Sangkar, the heartland of the red Tanah Datar clan of Minangkabau, is this epic palace, a replica of the former home of the rulers of the ancient Minangkabau kingdom of Payaruyung. It's equally impressive within, with soaring pillars and ceilings, and walls covered in brightly coloured ceremonial banners. There's a museum inside (no English captions), and three levels you can clamber up for views of the surrounding village and countryside.

A fire razed it to the ground in 2007, but it has been reconstructed. Batu Sangkar can be reached via public bus (22,000Rp, 1½ hours) from Bukittinggi, where you can continue by ojek (8000Rp) to Silinduang Bulan. Try to visit during the week, as weekends can get busy.

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