Conservatorium of Traditional Music

West Sumatra

Ethno-musicologists make the pilgrimage to the town of Padangpanjang, 19km south of Bukittinggi, to this university where Minangkabau dance and music are preserved and performed. Enquire at your hotel or tour agencies for upcoming performances. Regular buses run between Bukittinggi and Padangpanjang (15,000Rp).

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Nearby West Sumatra attractions

1. Pandai Sikat

1.86 MILES

Pandai Sikat ('Clever Craftsmen') is famous for songket weaving and building decorations carved out of wood. The village is 13km south of Bukittinggi…

2. Gunung Singgalang

3.63 MILES

Climbing dormant Gunung Singgalang (2877m) is a more adventurous undertaking than Gunung Merapi. Highly recommended English-speaking guide Dedi (0813 7425…

3. Istano Silinduang Bulan

4.51 MILES

Near the Grand Palace in Silinduang Bulan, 5km north of Batu Sangkar, is the much smaller and lower-key, but equally ornate, Istano Silinduang Bulan. It's…

4. Grand Palace of Pagaruyuang

5.29 MILES

In the village of Silinduang Bulan, 5km north of Batu Sangkar, the heartland of the red Tanah Datar clan of Minangkabau, is this epic palace, a replica of…

5. Gunung Marapi

7.01 MILES

The smouldering summit of Gunung Merapi (2891m), one of Sumatra’s most active volcanoes, looms large over Bukittinggi around 16km to the east. If Merapi…

6. PT Songket Bernhard Bart

9.34 MILES

Handicraft and textile fans should not miss this place near Simpang Bukit Batabuah, 7km southeast of Bukittinggi. Dedicated to revitalising the…

7. Koto Gadang

10.07 MILES

Silversmiths occupy several old Dutch houses in Koto Gadang, 5km from Bukittinggi. Catch a westbound angkot (3000Rp) or take an hour’s walk from Taman…

8. Gua Jepang

10.64 MILES

This extensive network of underground WWII Japanese bunkers built into a cliff face stretches for nearly 1.5km. It was built by local forced labour in…