House of Rafflesia Luwak Coffee

Plantation in Bukittinggi

At this plantation in Batang Palupuh, friendly owner Umul Khairi is happy to explain the process of harvesting, drying and roasting kopi luwak – a smooth, earthy brew produced from coffee beans ingested and excreted by civets (cat-like mammals). While the luwak coffee industry has come under fire for ‘farming’ civets to meet demand for the brew, the House of Rafflesia still operates in the traditional way, collecting wild civet ‘poo’ off the jungle floor.

You can also taste (20,000Rp) and purchase (from 200,000Rp) the beans.

Minangkabau cooking classes (per person 350,000Rp) are also on offer. The multicourse menu includes beef rendang and chicken curry, and Umul will even run the course for solo travellers. Book via the website or phone to confirm at least one day before you visit.