Air Terjun Singsing

North Bali

About 5km west of Lovina, a sign points to Air Terjun Singsing (Daybreak Waterfall); about 1km from the main road there's a warung (food stall) on the left and a car park on the right. Walk past the warung and along the path for about 200m to the lower falls. The waterfall isn't huge, but the pool underneath is ideal for swimming, though not crystal-clear. The water, cooler than the sea, is very refreshing.

Clamber further up the hill to another, slightly bigger fall, Singsing Dua. It has a mud bath that is supposedly good for the skin (we'll let you decide about this). These falls also cascade into a deep swimming pool.

The area is thick with tropical forest and makes a nice day trip from Lovina. The falls are more spectacular in the wet season (Oct­ober to March), and may be just a trickle at other times.

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