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The heart of the nation, Java is an island of megacities, mesmerising natural beauty, magical archaeological sites and profound traditions in art, music and dance... Read More

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Explore Bali & Java

Free your spiritual side against a backdrop of stunning beaches and jungles in Bali and Java. Travel by cycle-rickshaw to local markets and the Sultan’s Palace in Yogyakarta. Find your inner peace at ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples. Take high tea at the Mangkunegaran Palace and stroll the coastline of the unforgettable beaches in Sanur. Discover the perfect blend of beauty and Buddhist zen in this incredible corner of the world.

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Indonesia Java, Bali & Lombok

Yeah, we’ve seen you perusing the Bali, Lombok, and Java trips and thinking, “Why don’t they just put all three of them together?” Here you go: All the natural splendour, bustling cities, remote villages and exotic wildlife of Indonesia’s most popular territories in one convenient, 22-day bundle. Explore the volcanoes of Yogyakarta, endless rainforests, the rugged and untouched beauty of Lombok, bustling Jakarta, and blissful Sanur’s white-sand beaches. The adventure of a lifetime is out there. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.

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Best of Java

With a population of 135 million crammed into just under 140,000 sq kilometres, you’d think there’d be no room on Java left for adventuring. Densely populated as it is, this amazing stretch of Indonesia has loads of unexplored corners just waiting for travellers looking for something a little different. From Jakarta, you’ll venture to the curiously European-like city of Bandung (the “Paris of Java”) en route to Yogyakarta, home to the island’s monstrous volcanoes. Later, you’ll spend two days in Dutch colonial Batu before winding up on the gorgeous Balinese beaches of Sanur. (Hey, if you can’t beat the crowd, join it!)

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4-Day Fishing Adventure in G-Land

Have a tranquil fishing experience like no other in the Alas Purwo National Park, internationally known as G-Land on this 4-day, small group tour. Whether you’re a keen, experienced fisherman or someone who just wants to give it a go, G-land has an abundance of hot spots to cast a line. An amazing tour exploring G-Land an internationally renowned world-class surf break situated in Grajagan Bay, Alas Purwo National Park, East Java. This excluded wilderness national park is surrounded by thick rainforest, wild animals and has a rich ocean filled with tropical fish and marine life.  Enjoy world class fishing including bottom fishing, casting poppers, trolling and jigging off the boat. Catching fish is down to skills and luck however you are guaranteed to see one of the most breathtaking sunsets. This is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bali. Potential fish you may catch includes Snapper, Barracuda and Giant Trevally.

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Yolo Java to Bali

Home to 136 million people, the Indonesian island of Java is the most densely populated region on Earth. But while the teeming rivers of humanity that flow through Jakarta’s streets at rush hour can feel overpowering, there’s still a surprising amount of room to stretch out and explore. Travelling with other young travellers eager to experience this unique place, you’ll make your way from big cities to the calming beaches of Bali, soaking up culture and excitement along the way. And as your expert CEOs will be only too happy to show you, there’s plenty more to taste here than just stellar coffee.

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Best of Java & Sailing Adventure

Some travellers explore Indonesia by land. Others experience it by sea. Smart travellers do both with this amazing 15-day adventure that combines Javanese turf and Gili Islands surf. Kick things off in Jakarta and head off to the “Paris of Java” – Bandung and opt for a traditional angklung orchestra show. Explore the Buddhist sanctuary of Borobodur in Yogyakarta, witness the majesty of Mt Bromo, and relax at Sanur before boarding a catamaran for six days of snorkelling and taking it as easy as possible in the glorious Gilis. See? You really can have it all.