Gue Mummy Temple

Himachal Pradesh

Gue village (rhymes with 'few') is photogenically crowned by a colourful three-layered shrine-temple. This celebrates Tulka Sangya Tenzin, a mysterious 15th-century Buddhist monk whose mummified remains were said to spurt blood when inadvertently discovered by construction crew around 20 years ago. Until the main temple's interior is completed, the unwrapped body – still remarkably preserved, complete with fingernails and a distant gaze – can be seen sitting crouched in a glass box in the small white building next door.

Sometimes written Giu, Gue is 8km up an asphalted side lane: turn off the NH505 3km north of Sumdo. From the village to the temple is a further 1km by road, rather less using steps. One of the two very basic food shacks in the temple car park arranges homestays.

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