Shiva Temples


About 8km southwest of town (past the turn-off to Savitri Mata Temple) is a collection of Shiva temples near Ajaypal, which make a great trip by motorbike (or bike if you’re fit and start early in the day), through barren hills and quiet villages. Be warned: the track is hilly and rocky.

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Nearby Pushkar attractions

1. Savitri Mata Temple

0.46 MILES

The ropeway (9.30am to 7.30pm, return trip ₹119) makes the ascent to the hilltop Saraswati Temple a breeze. The temple overlooks the lake and the views…

2. Brahma Temple

0.82 MILES

Pushkar’s most famous temple is the Brahma Temple, said to be one of the few such temples in the world as a result of a curse by Brahma’s consort,…

3. Jain Temple

0.87 MILES

This intricately carved Jain temple is found on the western shore of Pushkar Lake.

4. Brahma Ghat

0.91 MILES

A bathing ghat dedicated to Brahma and below the Brahma temple.

5. Gandhi Ghat

1.04 MILES

Gandhi’s ashes were sprinkled here on Gau Ghat and since then it has also been known as Gandhi Ghat.

6. Varah Ghat

1.16 MILES

Vishnu appeared at Varah Ghat in the form of a boar.

7. Old Rangji Temple

1.19 MILES

Old Rangji Temple (c 1844) is close to the bazaar and is alternatively empty and peaceful or alive with chanting worshippers.

8. Naya Rangji Temple

1.23 MILES

The large Naya (new) Rangji temple is east of the lake and is the scene of regular chanting devotions.