Moti Dungri


This small, romantic fort looms above J Nehru Marg. It has served as a prison, but today remains in the possession of the former royal family.

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1. Birla Lakshmi Narayan Temple

0.02 MILES

This splendid modern marble edifice lies at the foot of Moti Dungri fort. The wealthy industrialist Birla family, from Pilani, Rajasthan, bought the land…

2. Ganesh Temple


The old Ganesh temple below Moti Dungri is a special and very popular place of worship. Throngs of devotees attend the temple on Wednesdays (the…

3. SRC Museum of Indology

0.64 MILES

This ramshackle, dusty treasure trove is an extraordinary private collection. It contains folk-art objects and other pieces – there’s everything from a…

4. Central Museum

1.28 MILES

This museum is housed in the spectacularly florid Albert Hall, south of the Old City. The building was designed by Sir Swinton Jacob, and combines…

5. Modern Art Gallery

1.44 MILES

This peaceful modern gallery makes a pleasant diversion during a stroll around the greenery of Ram Niwas Bagh. It’s housed in an old theatre, on the 1st…

6. Ram Niwas Bagh

1.57 MILES

Adjacent to, but a world away from, busy MI Rd is this oasis of green where you can wander through geometric gardens of roses, palms and ferns…

7. Philatelic Bureau & Museum

1.89 MILES

At the rear of the main post office, this curious little museum has historical stamps, telegrams and artefacts, including brass belt buckles and badges…

8. Hathroi Fort

2.08 MILES

The precinct of Hathroi Fort is named after this derelict (but still occupied) fort perched on a hilltop.