Jawahar Burj


This victory tower was built by Maharajah Suraj Mahl in 1765 to commemorate a victory over the Mughals. Worth a stroll for the view from the top.

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Nearby Bharatpur attractions

1. Lohagarh


The still-inhabited, 18th-century Lohagarh, or Iron Fort, was so named because of its sturdy defences. Despite being somewhat forlorn and derelict, it is…

2. Museum


One of the Lohagarh palaces, centred on a tranquil courtyard, houses this museum, which has royal artefacts, including weaponry, miniature paintings,…

3. Devji Temple

0.16 MILES

This small Hindu temple is in Gandhi park, opposite the main post office.

4. Ganga Temple

0.49 MILES

Not far from the Lohiya Gate is this exquisite red sandstone two-storey temple dedicated to the goddess Ganga, with elaborately carved stone terraces…

5. Jama Masjid

0.57 MILES

The Friday Mosque is opposite the city post office, south of the fort.

6. Laxman Temple

0.64 MILES

This Hindu temple built by Maharaja Baldev Singh in1870 is dedicated to Laxman, Lord Rama's younger brother. It is surrounded by shops in the busy Bada…

7. Old Laxman Temple

0.71 MILES

Just south of the more prominent Laxman Temple, this older temple is believed to be around 400 years old. It is dedicated to Laxman, Lord Rama's younger…

8. Keoladeo National Park


This tremendous bird sanctuary and national park has long been recognised as one of the world’s most important bird breeding and feeding grounds. In a…