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Running along the banks of the holy Narmada River and shadowed by the daunting walls of the fort, the ghats are the life and spiritual soul of the town. At dawn and dusk locals and pilgrims alike light candles and make puja (offerings) to the river and the atmosphere can be magical. During festivals thousands of pilgrims come here for puja.

Boat rides along the river are available (from ₹200 per boat).

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1. Chhatris

0.02 MILES

Down to the right of the ramp descending towards the ghats are the chhatris (cenotaphs) of Ahilyabai and Vithoji Rao, a Holkar prince who was trampled to…

2. Rehwa Society

0.04 MILES

On the way down from the palace to the ghats, a small doorway announces the NGO Rehwa Society, a craft cooperative where profits are ploughed back into…

3. Maheshwar Palace

0.09 MILES

Maheshwar is dominated by its fort, whose huge ramparts, towering above the river ghats, were built by Emperor Akbar. The Maheshwar Palace and several…

4. Baneshwar Temple

0.23 MILES

From the river ghats, incense smoke and colourful small boats (₹50 per person or ₹200 for 10 minutes) drift across the water to Baneshwar Temple on a tiny…

5. Rupmati’s Pavilion

14.95 MILES

Standing at the top of an escarpment falling 366m to the plains, Rupmati’s Pavilion has a delicacy of design and beauty of location unmatched by Mandu's…

6. Rewa Kund Group

15.12 MILES

A pleasant 4km cycle south of Mandu village brings you to the Rewa Kund tank and the two monuments of the Rewa Kund Group, Baz Bahadur's Palace and…

7. Baz Bahadur’s Palace

15.21 MILES

Baz Bahadur (r 1555–61) was the last independent ruler of Mandu. His palace, a curious mix of Rajasthani and Mughal styles, was built in 1508–09 by the…

8. Sagar Talao Group

16.22 MILES

If you have time, this group of handsome buildings is worth a detour between Mandu village and Rewa Kund. The main ones are Malik Mughith's Mosque, built…