Town Hall Building

Kolkata (Calcutta)

The imposing colonnaded cube of the former Town Hall Building dates from 1814. It now hosts Kolkata Panorama, an introduction to the city’s heritage through a lively collection of working models, videos and interactive exhibits. It’s interesting if you have an hour to spare, but as you must be accompanied by a guide it can be hard to ‘escape’ quickly. Coverage can be historically selective, and many foreigners may struggle to appreciate the detailed sections on Bengali popular culture.

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1. High Court

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One of Kolkata’s greatest architectural triumphs, the High Court building was built between 1864 and 1872, loosely modelled on the medieval Cloth Hall in…

2. St John’s Church

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This stone-spired 1787 church is ringed by columns and contains a small, portrait-draped room once used as an office by Warren Hastings, India’s first…

3. Raj Bhavan

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Somewhat resembling the US White House, the grand Raj Bhavan was designed in 1799 along the lines of Kedleston Hall, the Derbyshire home of the Curzon…

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This slender white monolith, standing atop an octagonal base adorned with marble plaques, commemorates those British officials who died in the siege of…

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At the rear northwest corner of St John's Church grounds, there's a small gated cemetery partly paved with 18th-century grave stones. The centrepiece of…

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The red-brick Standard Life Building has carved nymphs and wonderful wrought-iron balconies at the rear. Since 2014, work has begun at removing decades of…

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Majestically bearded and dressed in warrior costume yet sitting merrily cross-legged, this delightful statue gives Maharaja Lakshmeshwar Singh of…