Must see attractions in Hampi

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    Vittala Temple

    Hampi's most exquisite structure, the 16th-century Vittala Temple stands amid boulders 2.5km from Hampi Bazaar. Work possibly started on the temple during…

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    Virupaksha Temple

    The focal point of Hampi Bazaar is this temple, one of the city’s oldest structures, and Hampi’s only remaining working temple. The main gopuram (gateway)…

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    Achyutaraya Temple

    At the southern end of Sule Bazaar is the beautiful Achyutaraya Temple, dating from 1534, one of the last great monuments constructed before the fall of…

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    Sule Bazaar

    Halfway along the path from Hampi Bazaar to Vittala Temple, a track to the right leads over the rocks to deserted Sule Bazaar, one of ancient Hampi’s…

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    Zenana Enclosure

    Northeast of the Royal Centre, within the walled ladies’ quarters, is the Zenana Enclosure. Its peaceful grounds and manicured lawns feel like an oasis in…

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    Queen’s Bath

    South of the Royal Centre you’ll find various temples and elaborate waterworks, including the Queen’s Bath, deceptively plain on the outside but amazing…

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    Lakshimi Narasmiha

    An interesting stop along the road to Virupaksha Temple is the 6.7m monolithic statue of the bulging-eyed Lakshimi Narasmiha in a cross-legged lotus…

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    Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary

    Amid scrubby, undulating terrain 21km south of Hampi, the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary nurses a large population of free-ranging sloth bears in an area of…

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    The Mahanavami-diiba is a 12m-high, three-tiered platform with intricate carvings and panoramic vistas of the walled complex of ruined temples, stepped…

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    Archaeological Museum

    Boasts a fine collection of sculpture from local sites, plus neolithic tools, 16th-century weaponry and a large floor model of the Vijayanagar ruins. Don…

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    Elephant Stables

    This grand building with 11 domed chambers is where the state elephants once resided – each chamber has a small opening where mahouts (keepers) entered…

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    Krishna Temple

    Built in 1513, Krishna Temple is fronted by an apsara (celestial nymph) and 10 incarnations of Vishnu. It’s on the road to Virupaksha Temple near Lakshimi…

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    Nandi Statue

    At the eastern end of Hampi Bazaar is a Nandi statue, around which stand some of the colonnaded blocks of the ancient marketplace. This is the main…

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    Hemakuta Hill

    To the south, overlooking Virupaksha Temple, Hemakuta Hill has a scattering of early ruins, including monolithic sculptures of Narasimha (Vishnu in his…

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    Lotus Mahal

    Part of Hampi's Zenana Enclosure, this delicately designed pavilion was supposedly the queen’s recreational mansion.

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    Hazarama Temple

    Features exquisite carvings that depict scenes from the Ramayana, and polished black-granite pillars.

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    These stepped bathing ghats (landings) are just north of Virupaksha Temple.They're still used by village women.