City Museum

Ahmedabad (Amdavad)

Inside one of four city buildings designed by Le Corbusier, this museum covers Ahmedabad’s history, craft, art, architecture and literature. It includes sections on religious communities, Gandhi and the Independence struggle, as well as a photography gallery and works by Gujarat's notable artists. On the ground floor there's a collection of 100 colourful kites, along with an exploration of the history of kite-flying (the Chinese were the first to do so, in 200 BC).

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1. Ahmed Shah’s Mosque

0.92 MILES

Southwest of Bhadra Fort and dating from 1414, this is one of the city’s earliest mosques, built for the sultan and nobles within Ahmedabad’s original…

2. Sabarmati Riverfront

1.01 MILES

Rejuvenating the long-neglected banks of the Sabarmati River, this waterfront promenade stretches for 11.5km through the heart of Ahmedabad. There are…

3. Bhadra Fort

1.09 MILES

Built immediately after the founding of Ahmedabad in 1411, Bhadra Fort houses government offices and a Kali temple. Its mighty gate formed the eastern…

4. Siddi Sayid’s Mosque

1.23 MILES

One of Ahmedabad’s most stunning buildings, this mosque is famed for its exquisite jali windows, spiderweb fine, two of them depicting the intricate…

5. Teen Darwaja

1.25 MILES

To the east of Bhadra Fort stands the Teen Darwaja, which was the gateway into Maidan Shahi (Royal Sq), where royal processions and polo games took place.

6. Mill Owners' Association Building


One of four buildings in Ahmedabad designed by legendary Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, this one is the most striking. A dramatic ramp rises up the…

7. Jama Masjid

1.38 MILES

Built by Ahmed Shah in 1423, the massive Jama Masjid ranks as one of India’s most beautiful mosques. Demolished Hindu and Jain temples provided the…

8. Rani Sipri’s Mosque

1.38 MILES

This small mosque near the ST bus stand is also known as the Masjid-e-Nagira (Jewel of a Mosque) because of its graceful construction, with delicately…