Siri Fort

South Delhi

Only some of the walls remain of this 14th-century fort, built by Ala-ud-din Khilji as the second of the seven historical cities of Delhi. They are impressive nonetheless, and it is said that the heads of 8000 Mongols were buried into the foundations! Within the boundaries of the walls is an auditorium, a sports complex and the village of Shahpur Jat, which contains an interesting collection of boutique shops and cafes hidden amongst its tight network of alleyways.

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1. Hauz Khas Deer Park

1.05 MILES

Popular with families, this tree-shaded park has ducks, rabbits and plenty of deer, and is linked to the 13th-century reservoir that gives Hauz Khas its…

2. Feroz Shah’s Tomb

1.13 MILES

This small, beautiful tomb is the link between the two wings of Feroz Shah's madrasa (religious school). It's constructed from quartzite rubble and the…

3. Feroz Shah’s Madrasa

1.15 MILES

The impressive ruins of Feroz Shah’s 14th-century madrasa overlook the tree-lined waters of Hauz Khas, and can be explored. You can climb down from here…

4. Hauz Khas

1.15 MILES

Built by Sultan Ala-ud-din Khilji in the 13th century, Hauz Khas means ‘noble tank', and its reservoir once covered 28 hectares. It collected enough water…

5. Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

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Round the corner from super-slick Select Citywalk mall, in the less popular South Court block, this flashy private museum is devoted to contemporary art,…

6. Jahanpanah Forest

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Jahanpanah means 'refuge of the world', and is the fourth city of Delhi, founded in the 14th century by Muhammed Tughlaq, who thought his father's city at…

7. Qutb Minar Complex

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If you only have time to visit one of Delhi's ancient ruins, make it this. The first monuments here were erected by the sultans of Mehrauli, and…

8. Alai Minar

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In the 14th century, Sultan Ala-ud-din made additions to the Qutab Minar Complex, which included an ambitious plan to erect a second tower of victory,…