Signature Bridge

Old Delhi (Shahjahanabad)

Iconic new suspension bridge over the Yamuna River. It's tower is the tallest structure in Delhi. Can be viewed from the Tibetan enclave of Majnu-ka-Tilla.

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Nearby Old Delhi (Shahjahanabad) attractions

1. Coronation Durbar Site

2.34 MILES

This historical oddity is worth seeking out if you like exploring forgotten corners. Around 10km north of Old Delhi, a lone obelisk marks the site where…

2. Nicholson Cemetery

2.55 MILES

Close to Kashmere Gate, this forgotten cemetery is the last resting place for hundreds of Delhi’s colonial-era residents, many of whom perished in…

3. Ashoka Pillar

2.56 MILES

Dating from the 3rd-century-BC reign of the Buddhist emperor Ashoka, the pillar was brought here by Feroz Shah, and is incredibly well preserved.

4. Mutiny Memorial

2.62 MILES

Erected in 1863, this red sandstone gothic tower was built by the British to commemorate the Indian and British soldiers who died in British service…

5. Kashmere Gate


This northernmost gate (leading to Kashmir) was the largest of all the entrances to the walled city. It was only built in the 19th century, and was…

6. Salimgarh

3.14 MILES

Across a bridge from the Red Fort, but part of the same complex, this fort was established by Salim Shah Suri in 1546, so predates its grander neighbour…

7. Delhi Public Library

3.16 MILES

Established in 1951, Delhi's library is open to all those with proof of residency, and has 1.6 million books in various languages.

8. Baoli

3.24 MILES

This step-well within the Red Fort is believed to date to the Tughlaq period, and is thus much older than the other fort buildings. It has a haunting…