National Museum

New Delhi

This glorious, if dusty, museum is full of treasures. Mind-bogglingly ancient, sophisticated figurines from the Harappan civilisation, almost 5000 years old, include the remarkable Dancing Girl, and there are also some fine ceramics from the even-older Nal civilisation. Other items include Buddha relics, exquisite jewellery, miniature paintings, medieval woodcarvings, textiles and musical instruments. Don't miss the immense, five-tier wooden temple chariot built in South India in the 19th century.

Allow at least two hours for a proper visit. Bring your passport to obtain an audio guide (included in the foreigner ticket price; ₹150 extra for Indian tourists). There's also a cheap-as-chips cafe inside the museum gates and round to the left. You don't have to visit the museum to use the cafe; handy because eating options are limited round here.

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