Hauz Khas

Top choice area in South Delhi

Built by Sultan Ala-ud-din Khilji in the 13th century, Hauz Khas means ‘noble tank', and its reservoir once covered 28 hectares. It collected enough water during the monsoon to last Siri Fort throughout the dry season. Today it's much smaller, but still a beautiful place to be, thronged by birds and surrounded by parkland. Overlooking it are the impressive ruins of Feroz Shah’s 14th-century madrasa (religious school) and tomb, which he had built before his death in 1388.

To reach the lake shore, either cut through the adjacent Deer Park (daylight hours), which has more ruined tombs and a well-stocked deer enclosure, or walk past all the Hauz Khas shops, beyond No 50, and enter the grounds of Feroz Shah’s madrasa, from where you can look out over the lake before climbing down to the water's edge.

There are numerous Lodi-era tombs scattered along the access road to Hauz Khas Village, and in nearby Green Park.