Southeast Iceland

Fagrifoss (Beautiful Falls) is not a misnomer: this waterfall must be one of Iceland’s most bewitching, with rivulets of water pouring over a massive black rock. You’ll come to the turn-off on the way to Laki, about 24km along Rte F206. Tours to Lakagígar invariably stop here.

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1. Fjaðrárgljúfur

6.86 MILES

This darkly picturesque canyon, carved out by the river Fjaðrá, has been well and truly discovered, thanks to Instagrammers and one Justin Bieber (who…

2. Kirkjugólf

7.78 MILES

The basalt columns of Kirkjugólf (Church Floor), smoothed down and cemented with moss, were once mistaken for an old church floor rather than a work of…

3. Systrafoss & Systravatn

7.94 MILES

At the western end of the village, the lovely double waterfall, Systrafoss, tumbles down the cliffs and a sign outlines three short walks in the pretty…

4. Steingrímsson Memorial Chapel


The triangular, distinctly atypical wood-and-stone chapel at the heart of the village was consecrated in 1974. It commemorates Jón Steingrímsson’s …

5. Systrastapi

8.13 MILES

Religious connections are particularly strong around Klaustur. The prominent, stumpy rock pillar Systrastapi, near the line of cliffs about 1.5km west of…

6. Landbrotshólar

8.42 MILES

West of the village and south of the Ring Road is this vast, dimpled, vivid-green pseudocrater field. Pseudocraters formed when hot lava poured over…

7. Lakagígar Crater Row

13.3 MILES

The crater row is fascinating to explore, riddled with black sand dunes and lava tubes, many of which contain tiny stalactites. At the foot of Laki,…

8. Laki


Although the peak called Laki (818m) did not erupt, it has loaned its name to the 25km-long Lakagígar crater row, which stretches northeastwards and…