The South

Roughly translated as 'bottleneck', the Stútur crater sits on the Norðurnámshraun lava field and is signposted off the F224 road. Two fairly steep trails lead up both the west and east of the volcano to the crater's edge. On clear days it's possible to see Frostastaðavatn lake from the top. There are a couple of car parking spots on the side of the road. Alternatively, hike from Landmannalaugar.

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1. Natural Pool

0.57 MILES

Boardwalks from Landmannalaugar's info hut lead to a geothermal hot pool flanked by volcanic hills. It's not officially a 'bathing area', but visitors are…

2. Hnausapollur

3.97 MILES

Sitting behind a volcanic ledge, right off the road to Landmannalaugar, hides an enormous crater. Hnausapollur erupted around 11,000 years ago, now it's…

3. Hekla Volcano

18.85 MILES

One of Iceland's most active volcanoes, Hekla stands at 1491m, and has erupted 20 times since 874, most recently in the year 2000. In a 4x4, it's possible…

4. Gjáin

23.31 MILES

A walking path from Stöng farm takes you a couple of kilometres to a lovely little lush valley, Gjáin, full of twisting lava, otherworldly caves and…

5. Stöng

23.82 MILES

Buried by white volcanic ash in 1104 during one of Hekla’s eruptions, this ancient farm once belonged to Gaukur Trandilsson, a 10th-century Viking who…

6. Háifoss

23.89 MILES

Iceland’s second-highest waterfall, Háifoss is a magnificent 128m-high cascade that plunges off the edge of a majestic plateau into an undulating lava…

7. Katla Geopark

24.42 MILES

In 2011 Iceland formed its first ‘geopark’ to protect a region of great geological importance, promote local culture and sustainable development, and…

8. Lakagígar Crater Row

24.5 MILES

The crater row is fascinating to explore, riddled with black sand dunes and lava tubes, many of which contain tiny stalactites. At the foot of Laki,…