Top choice in Southeast Iceland

Adding more eye candy to an impressive road trip, a precipitous 767m-tall palisade of cliffs known as Lómagnúpur towers over the landscapes, begging to be photographed. It's the inspiration for many legends, and looks particularly good as a backdrop to the turf-roofed farm at Núpsstaður.

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1. Núpsstaður

2.23 MILES

Lómagnúpur towers over the impossibly photogenic old turf-roofed farm at Núpsstaður. The farm buildings date back to the early 19th century, and the…

2. Núpsstaðarskógar

4.77 MILES

Inland from Lómagnúpur peak is Núpsstaðarskógar, a beautiful low-growing woodland area on the slopes of the mountain Eystrafjall. Due to the perils of…

3. Skeiðarársandur

8.74 MILES

Skeiðarársandur, the largest sandur in the world, covers a 1300-sq-km area and was formed by the mighty Skeiðarárjökull. Since the Settlement Era,…

4. Dverghamrar

9.54 MILES

Just east of Foss á Siðu waterfall (about 11km from Kirkjubæjarklaustur on the Ring Road) is the outcrop Dverghamrar (‘Dwarf Rocks’) – two rock formations…

5. Foss á Siðu

9.69 MILES

This waterfall, 11km east of Kirkjubæjarklaustur on the Ring Road, is a head-turning cascade that normally tumbles down from the cliffs. During especially…

6. Svínafellsjökull

19.5 MILES

Heading east on the Ring Road from Skaftafell, a sign points the way to the glacier Svínafellsjökull. A rough, potholed dirt road leads 2km to a car park,…

7. Kirkjugólf

20.31 MILES

The basalt columns of Kirkjugólf (Church Floor), smoothed down and cemented with moss, were once mistaken for an old church floor rather than a work of…

8. Steingrímsson Memorial Chapel

20.58 MILES

The triangular, distinctly atypical wood-and-stone chapel at the heart of the village was consecrated in 1974. It commemorates Jón Steingrímsson’s …