Southeast Iceland

Heading east on the Ring Road from Skaftafell, a sign points the way to the glacier Svínafellsjökull. A rough, potholed dirt road leads 2km to a car park, from where it’s a short walk to the northern edge of the glacier and some fine photo ops. Don't be tempted to stride out onto the glacier unaccompanied – join a guided walk.

In summer 2018, geologists became concerned over the risk of rock landslide in the region around Svínafellsjökull; at the time of research, guided glacier walks were no longer operating here (companies offering hikes on Svínafellsjökull have moved to other nearby outlet glaciers).

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Nearby Southeast Iceland attractions

1. Skeiðarársandur

11.72 MILES

Skeiðarársandur, the largest sandur in the world, covers a 1300-sq-km area and was formed by the mighty Skeiðarárjökull. Since the Settlement Era,…

2. Kvíárjökull

12.53 MILES

Kvíárjökull glacier snakes down to the Kvíá river and is easily accessible from the Ring Road; look for the sign for Kvíármýrarkambur just west of the…

3. Fjallsárlón

14.86 MILES

A sign off the Ring Road indicates Fjallsárlón – this is an easily accessible glacier lagoon, where icebergs calve from Fjallsjökull. There are Zodiac…

4. Núpsstaðarskógar

17.48 MILES

Inland from Lómagnúpur peak is Núpsstaðarskógar, a beautiful low-growing woodland area on the slopes of the mountain Eystrafjall. Due to the perils of…

5. Lómagnúpur

19.5 MILES

Adding more eye candy to an impressive road trip, a precipitous 767m-tall palisade of cliffs known as Lómagnúpur towers over the landscapes, begging to be…

6. Diamond Beach

21.09 MILES

At the Jökulsá river mouth you’ll see ice boulders and bergs resting photogenically on the black-sand beach as part of their final journey out to sea…

7. Núpsstaður

21.73 MILES

Lómagnúpur towers over the impossibly photogenic old turf-roofed farm at Núpsstaður. The farm buildings date back to the early 19th century, and the…

8. Þórbergssetur

27.24 MILES

This cleverly crafted museum (its inspired exterior looks like a shelf of books) pays tribute to the most famous son of this sparsely populated region –…