Southeast Iceland

Just east of Foss á Siðu waterfall (about 11km from Kirkjubæjarklaustur on the Ring Road) is the outcrop Dverghamrar (‘Dwarf Rocks’) – two rock formations that feature classic basalt columns and are thought to be the dwelling place of some of Iceland’s ‘hidden people’. There's an information panel and short walk from the car park.

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1. Foss á Siðu

0.38 MILES

This waterfall, 11km east of Kirkjubæjarklaustur on the Ring Road, is a head-turning cascade that normally tumbles down from the cliffs. During especially…

2. Núpsstaður


Lómagnúpur towers over the impossibly photogenic old turf-roofed farm at Núpsstaður. The farm buildings date back to the early 19th century, and the…

3. Lómagnúpur

9.54 MILES

Adding more eye candy to an impressive road trip, a precipitous 767m-tall palisade of cliffs known as Lómagnúpur towers over the landscapes, begging to be…

4. Kirkjugólf

10.78 MILES

The basalt columns of Kirkjugólf (Church Floor), smoothed down and cemented with moss, were once mistaken for an old church floor rather than a work of…

5. Steingrímsson Memorial Chapel

11.05 MILES

The triangular, distinctly atypical wood-and-stone chapel at the heart of the village was consecrated in 1974. It commemorates Jón Steingrímsson’s …

6. Landbrotshólar

11.21 MILES

West of the village and south of the Ring Road is this vast, dimpled, vivid-green pseudocrater field. Pseudocraters formed when hot lava poured over…

7. Systrafoss & Systravatn

11.38 MILES

At the western end of the village, the lovely double waterfall, Systrafoss, tumbles down the cliffs and a sign outlines three short walks in the pretty…

8. Systrastapi

12.29 MILES

Religious connections are particularly strong around Klaustur. The prominent, stumpy rock pillar Systrastapi, near the line of cliffs about 1.5km west of…