Holocaust Memorial


This Holocaust memorial, across the street from the derelict Orthodox synagogue, was erected with much political chest-beating in 2004. It features sculptures of jackets with the Star of David and a pile of shoes, which represent Auschwitz remains.

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1. Synagogue

0.05 MILES

Evidence of Sopron’s Jewish past can be seen at the crumbling Orthodox synagogue east of the Inner Town, boarded up and falling into disrepair. A plaque…

2. New Synagogue

0.25 MILES

Like the Old Synagogue, the New Synagogue was also built in the 14th century; both are among the greatest Jewish Gothic monuments in Europe. The New…

3. Scarbantia Forum

0.25 MILES

The Scarbantia Forum is an original Roman-era marketplace recently discovered under – and accessible through – an office block.

4. Old Synagogue

0.27 MILES

The Old Synagogue, built in the 14th century, contains two rooms, one for each sex (note the women’s windows along the west wall). The main room contains…

5. Roman Ruins

0.27 MILES

As the plaque on the ground in Fő tér reminds you, Sopron used to be an important stop along the Amber Road, and fragments of Sopron’s Roman past – in the…

6. Pharmacy Museum

0.28 MILES

Housed in a Gothic building just off the main square, the Pharmacy Museum features a 17th-century apothecary. This collection of curios comprises an…

7. Fő tér


The oddly shaped Fő tér contains several museums, churches and monuments, including the massive Firewatch Tower, which can be climbed. In the centre of Fő…

8. Goat Church


Built in the late 13th century, this mostly Gothic church gets its unusual name from the legend that the church had been built thanks to the treasure…