Fabricius House

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This baroque mansion is divided into three sections. The archaeological exhibition covers Celtic, Roman and Hungarian periods of history, the standout artefact being the 1200-year-old Cunpald Goblet – don’t miss the ‘whispering gallery’ either. The basement – a former Roman bathhouse – features impressive Roman sarcophagi and Scarbantia-era statues (including enormous statues of Juno, Jupiter and Minerva). Upstairs, the urban flats feature interior furnishings from the 17th and 18th centuries, with some elaborate davenports, travelling chests and magnificent tiled stoves.

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1. Trinity Column

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One of the focal points of graceful Fő tér is the Trinity Column, the best example of a 'plague pillar' in Hungary. It was erected to commemorate the fact…

2. Fidelity Gate

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Fidelity Gate, at the bottom of the Firewatch Tower, depicts 'Hungaria' receiving the kneeling civitas fidelissima (Latin for 'the most loyal citizenry')…

3. Storno House & Collection

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A narrow spiral staircase of 116 steps leads to the summit of this 60m-high tower, from which trumpeters would warn of fire, mark the hour and watch for…

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8. Scarbantia Forum


The Scarbantia Forum is an original Roman-era marketplace recently discovered under – and accessible through – an office block.