Firewatch Tower

Top choice in Sopron

A narrow spiral staircase of 116 steps leads to the summit of this 60m-high tower, from which trumpeters would warn of fire, mark the hour and watch for salespeople trying to smuggle in non-Sopron wine. Apart from taking in the all-encompassing view of the hills and the Inner Town from the top, you can also check out the excavated remains of the Amber Road and the Roman gate in the tower basement, along with parts of buildings from medieval Sopron.

The tower itself is a true architectural hybrid, with a 2m-thick square base, built on a Roman gate, dating from the 12th century. The cylindrical middle and arcaded balcony is from the 16th century, while the baroque spire was added in 1681. Just outside the entrance is a hideous concrete arch erected in 2014.