Berzenczey utca Apartment Block


This beautiful building was designed by Secessionist master architect Ödön Lechner in 1895.

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1. Holocaust Memorial Center

0.22 MILES

Housed in a striking modern building, the centre opened in 2004 on the 60th anniversary of the start of the Holocaust in Hungary. The thematic permanent…

2. Zwack Museum & Visitors' Centre

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Unicum, the thick medicinal-tasting aperitif made from 40 herbs and spices, is as bitter as a loser’s tears and a favourite drink in Hungary. To delve…

3. Corvin Cinema

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A restored art deco building, the Corvin sits in the middle of a square flanked by Regency-like houses. Note the two wonderful reliefs outside the main…

4. Museum of Applied Arts

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Housed in a gorgeous Ödön Lechner–designed building (1896) decorated with Zsolnay ceramic tiles, this museum was closed for renovation at the time of…

5. Hungarian Natural History Museum

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The skeleton of a finback whale greets you at this science museum, which houses a confusing raft of interactive displays over three floors. Interesting…

6. New Budapest Gallery

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Inside Bálna Budapest, the whale-shaped complex beached by the Danube, the New Budapest Gallery is a spare, modern space hosting changing exhibitions that…

7. National Theatre

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Hard by the Danube in Ferencváros, the National Theatre (2002) remains controversial for its architecture. Designed by Mária Siklós, it is supposedly …