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Imagine you're travelling on smooth highways, and then get tempted by a dusty turn-off signed Adventure. Well, that turn-off is Guinea. Little known to most of the world, this is a land of surprising beauty, from the rolling mountain plateau of Fouta Djalon to wide Sahelian lands and thick forests. Overland drivers have long been drawn here for the challenge of steering their vehicles over rocks and washed-out... Read More

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$138.78 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Cooking Classes in Tuscany Among the Chianti Vineyards

You will enjoy a fantastic creative experience in the kitchen of a Renaissance Villa, you will learn to cook Tuscan style, our chefs will guide you in preparing a complete Italian/Tuscan meal while learning the techniques of homemade pasta, such as ravioli, tagliatelle and gnocchi. Then, according to the season, you will learn the art of making sauces such as fresh basil pesto, tomato and basil, meat sauce with porcini mushrooms and sweet onions, meat or duck sauce and much more. Our chefs will teach you the secret of making the most delicious tiramisu you will have ever eaten.Sample Menu (subject to change):Sample 1 - Crostini toscani, Gnocchi alla pommarola, Saltimbocca alla romana, Biscottini di Prato.Sample 2 - Home made pasta - Lasagne - Tagliatelle - Ragu Bolognese - Basic Tiramisu.Sample 3 – Bruschetta, Risotto milanese, Parmigiana, Torta della nonna. (vegetarian menu)Sample 4 – Pici all’aglione, Guinea fowl with green olives, Panna cotta.Sample 5 – Cacciucco (fish soup) minimum 4 people.Times of the lesson (total time, lunch or dinner included, about 4 hours)Presentation of the menu, coffee with the chef, preparation of dishes, lunch/dinner (wine included), coffee, ammazza-caffè (grappa or amaro).

$130.45 Holiday & Seasonal Tours

New Year's Eve: Tuscan Dinner, Gala Concert and Midnight Champagne Toast in Florence

Celebrate New Year’s Eve and enjoy an unforgettable evening in Florence.Your night will start with a delicious 4-course Tuscan dinner, served in the charming atmosphere of a typical Florentine restaurant, located in the enchanting Oltrarno district.After dinner, a few steps away, talented singers will be waiting for you in an original and intimate setting (an Anglican church), to perform the most beautiful arias from the Operas of Puccini, Verdi, Rossini and other renowned Italian composers, in addition to world-famous Neapolitan songs. At the end of the concert then, you will reach the river Arno to welcome the New Year, drinking Champagne in front of the illuminated Ponte Vecchio: one of the most breath-taking views in the world, enriched by the colorful fireworks and the unique atmosphere of the city during this special night!Sample menu: Adults:Starter: mixed croutons and fried sageFirst Course: Fresh pasta Timbale with porcini mushroomsSecond Course: Guinea-fowl stuffed with sweet and sour onions Dessert: Trifle or Chocolate Cake or Fruit CakeBeverage: Water, House wine and CoffeeVegetarian Option: Eggplant Parmigiana and vegetable pie.Kids (3 to 7 years old):First Course: Risotto with vegetables or Pasta with Tomato SauceSecond Course: Turkey Breaded Cutlet with Roast PotatoesDessert: Fruit CakeBeverage: Water

$1055.70 Multi-day & Extended Tours

5-Day Guided Cultural and Voodoo Tour of Togo from Lome

Day 1: LomeArrival and welcome from lome tokoin airport, or by road from Ghana’s afloa border .or Benin where ever you are coming from you, will be met and assisted with customs and immigration formalities. You are transferred to your accommodation near the Atlantic Ocean with pleasant views of coconut trees.Day 2: Togoville - Agbanakin You check out and depart to Agbanakin a small village. You will stop at the last stronghold of slavery on the bay of Guinea. You will visit the house of the slaves (House Wood). You continue the trip in a canoe until you arrive in Togoville, the first capital of Togo under the German flag. Togoville is a city with a voodoo tradition. You will interact some voodoo priests where you will be given an explanation of their cult. You will meet the heir to the throne of King Mlapa who signed the contract of protectorate with the German exploratory Gustav Nachtigal. He will tell us about the history of Togo and lead us through the royal museum.Upon Arrival at Agbanakin, you will pay a courtesy call to the local chief of the village.Day 3: AgbanakinToday will be day of discovery of the village. Indeed the village has several voodoo temples and cloisters of the Zangbéto. The Zangbéto is a fetish for protection. The Voodoo watches over the village. In the night when the Zangbéto leaves the village nobody should is suppose to see them. They have a kind of magic. They wear masks of raffia palm all the body and look like a haystack. You will witness the the ceremony to demonstrate very mystical dances. The Zangbéto falls into trance and the masks fall away, but you cannot see the person under the mask. They have transformed to an animal (turtle, crocodile, crab, chicken… or a devil), you need to discover it yourself.After a tour in the village, you will depart by a canoe on the river Mono with fishermen for a traditional fishing and to discover the aquatic fauna.Late afternoon you will take part in the Zangbéto dance it will be a day not to be forgotten and once in life time you will need to definitely need a lot of photos.Day 4: LoméYou will depart to Lomé in the morning, you will visit the fetishes market (the first and biggest voodoo market in Africa). The charlatans, voodoo priests, traditional medicine men, adepts … the whole world comes here to procure the necessary ingredient for their fetishes or to prepare medicinal or love potions. You continue to them to the grand market of Lomé called "Marché des Nanas-Benz" and to the artistic village. The rest of the day is spent at the beachDay 5: DepartureDepending on your departure time, you check out to depart to the airport for customs and immigration formalities or cross the border to Ghana or Benin. You will be assisted. It will be time now to bid farewell to Lome .

$852.15 Outdoor Activities

Full-Day Bird and Owl Watching Tour from Accra

You will start with a sunrise drive to Shai Hills Resource Reserve to start bird watching at 6.30 am until 10 am. This reserve is filled with birds and set in an attractive region of hilly rocks and grassy plains. You will spend most of your morning observing the many species of birds here.In the afternoon, start your bird watching at around 2 pm until 5pm at the Sakumo Ramsar Site. Also known as the Sakumo Lagoon, the Sakumo Ramsar Site features a good opportunity to see many species despite its location in the front of the Gulf of Guinea. Here in the open shallow estuary and surrounding Savannah, you will encounter both resident and migratory birds.In the evening you will return to Shai Hills for night bird watching, at around 6pm until 8pm - offering a different view of the wildlife.

$510.71 Food, Wine & Nightlife

2 days Learning to Cook Italian Dishes in Chianti

During the class you’ll learn to cook a number of basic and advanced Italian dishes as well as secret techniques that make Italian cuisine so rich and delicious. Attending such cooking class enables you to learn how to prepare multi-course Italian meal. You can choose to have lessons in the morning 10AM or in the afternoon 4PM.Times of the lesson (total time, lunch or dinner included) will be about 4 hours. There will be a presentation of the menu, coffee with the chef, then preparation of dishes, 3 course lunch or dinner (selected wine included), coffee and digestifs (grappa or amaro).Here are examples of some menus:· Example 1 - Crostini toscani, Gnocchi alla pommarola, Saltimbocca alla romana, Biscottini di Prato.· Example 2 - Home made pasta - Lasagne - Tagliatelle - Ragu Bolognese - Basic Tiramisu.· Example 3 – Bruschetta, Risotto milanese, Parmigiana, Torta della nonna. (vegetarian menu)· Example 4 – Pici all’aglione, Guinea fowl with green olives, Panna cotta.· Example 5 – Cacciucco (fish soup) minimum 4 people.Should you have any specific request, your proposals will be considered if the season and time of preparation will allow it.


West Africa Cruise - Cape Town to Accra

People have been exchanging customs and ideas in Western Africa as long as there have been people. Now, it’s your turn. From the G Expedition, you’ll get the chance to explore one of Africa’s most vibrant (and curiously underexplored) regions from a hotel that goes wherever you do. A solid combination of activity and leisure, you’ll have ample time to spot rare birds and endemic wildlife with skilled naturalists, mingle in local markets and learn about the region from our experienced expedition staff, including naturalists, historians, anthropologists, and ornithologists. While at sea we’ll also enjoy South African wine tastings from our very own sommelier and enjoy daily lectures from experts. Africa by sea? We didn’t believe it was possible either.