Anse la Roche


Getting here is a bit of a mission, but Anse la Roche is an idyllic stretch of soft sand backed by bush and flanked by headlands. Protected by cliffs, this secluded beauty – an important nesting spot for sea turtles – is a private paradise. You'll usually have it to yourself, although you may emerge from the jungle to find some yachties hanging around.

From Bogles, take a left at the wooden hut-like Boggles Bulletin Board where the main road bends. Follow that road, which quickly turns to dirt, for 25 minutes on foot veering right where the power lines veer left, until you see a small sign pointing to the narrow path. Follow that path down through the forest for 15 minutes. It's steep and a bit hard to follow at times but just keep heading down and towards the sound of the waves.

Alternatively you can just drop in with a water taxi from Hillsborough (US$75 round trip).